BBC Bargain Hunt star 'can't look' as item suffers huge loss at auction

Bargain Hunt
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Bargain Hunt viewers were transported to North Yorkshire during a recent episode where two teams battled it out to make the most profit from their chosen items.

The red team, comprised of mother and son duo Sam and Dalton, were assisted by Richard Madley who was quick to help them find the best deals at the antiques fair.

Richard's keen eye spotted a framed hand-stitched piece with the initials W and B in each corner. Despite the seller's inability to provide a specific date of creation, they were asking for £125.

Dalton expressed his concern over the price, while Sam sought Richard's opinion on its potential auction value. He estimated it could fetch between £100 to £150.

With the prospect of meeting their big spend challenge set by BBC's Natasha Raskin Sharp, the pair decided to continue exploring the fair before making a decision. As time began to run out, they needed one more item and opted for the sampler.

After some negotiation, they managed to secure the piece for £120, hopeful that it would perform well at auction. However, when Natasha presented it to auctioneer Caroline Hawley, she expressed doubts about the price they had paid, reports the Express.

Caroline dated the piece to the mid-19th century based on its style and praised its excellent condition. However, she felt it lacked certain details such as the name or age of the creator, or its place of origin.

She valued it at £30 to £50. Upon learning that the red team had paid £120 for the item, Caroline commented: "I think that's top heavy."

Regrettably, the BBC star's concerns were justified when her item failed to spark enthusiasm among bidders.

After fetching only £35, resulting in a substantial loss of £90, Dalton consoled Natasha, accepting responsibility by saying it was his call.

Bargain Hunt
Bargain Hunt

As Richard faced away, Natasha remarked: "It's a sting, Richard can't even look, he can't even look."

Ultimately, victory went to the blue team, with Natasha pointing out that it was the sampler that significantly tipped the scales against them.