BBC Breakfast's Steph McGovern shuts down pregnancy rumours with hilarious response

Francesca Marshall
The presenter clarified

Mistakenly assuming that a woman is pregnant when she’s not is one of the most awkward social moments. But for one news presenter she was on the receiving end of dozens of congratulations messages, when actually she just had a “pot belly”.

BBC presenter Steph McGovern hilariously responded to viewers who wrongly congratulated her on being pregnant.

After appearing on BBC Breakfast the business presenter was inundated with well-wishes from viewers who thought she was expecting a child.

Seeing the funny side to the blunder Miss McGovern quipped: “I am not with child, I am with pot belly.”

One person simply wrote: “Congratulations!” with another adding: “I thought you were with child too. Then I thought maybe it's beer belly.”

Credit:  Matthew Fearn

Following her tongue-in-cheek response social media users were quick to praise her sense of humour, and congratulate her on “enjoying food”.

Nick Hall tweeted: “Congratulations on the pot belly, you must be about 4 weeks now?” whilst another added: “Congratulations on enjoying food and being thoroughly nice and normal.”

Mis McGovern has grown in popularity in recent years becoming known for her financial reporting and cheerful personality.

Defending her against the blunder, Saeed Khan said: “Gosh, people can be so brutal, especially in the public eye.”

She made her debut on BBC Breakfast in 2012

Adding: “Let's face it, we all are carrying a few extra pounds after crimbo.”

Fellow news presenter, Hayley McQueen, who anchors Sky Sport News, wrote: “You are not alone, I get this most months, normally of an afternoon, not long after lunch.”

Miss McGovern studied at UCL where she read Science Communication and Policy before starting on Tomorrow’s World with the BBC.

She made her debut on BBC breakfast in 2012.

The financial presenter is also a former Irish dancing champion and still helps coach dancers.