BBC Breakfast presenters in stitches laughing after embarrassing livestream gaffe

BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt was left red in the face after showing footage of rugby player Kevin Sinfield urinating on a wall.

Former Leeds Rhinos player Sinfield is undertaking a gruelling challenge of completing seven ultramarathons in seven days to raise money for motor neurone disease charities.

The challenge will amount to 482 kilometres, with Sinfield having already raised more than £600,000.

During Saturday (19 November) morning’s BBC Breakfast, the team caught up with a live stream of Sinfield as he continued on the final day of the challenge, running from West Yorkshire to the Rugby League World Cup Final at Old Trafford.

“We have a camera on board a bike, it’s the first time we have done this, we have set him off every morning and we wave goodbye,” host Stayt said, as the screen changed to footage of the run labelled the “Kev Cam”.

“We don’t really know how it works, apart from the fact that he is-” he continued, only to realise that Sinfield had walked over to a wall to urinate with his back to the camera.

The camera cut back to the studio, where Stayt put his face in his hands in embarrassment while his co-host Rachel Burden laughed.

“That was brilliant timing,” she said as she applauded. “Well done Charlie. I give you full credit for that.”

The clip was shared on Twitter by journalist Scott Bryan, who tweeted: “INCREDIBLE SCENES. Just amazing timing. No notes.”

Burden saw the funny side too, replying to the tweet: “The live stream #notmyjoke.”

It’s been a big week for BBC Breakfast, after the show delighted fans on Friday (18 November) by booking both actor Brian Cox and Professor Brian Cox to do an interview together.

The pair told Stayt that their identical names have led to a number of awkward incidents, one of which had happened the night before.

Actor Cox said they found themselves at the centre of a hotel room mix-up, and that he and Professor Cox almost ended up sharing a room.