BBC Breakfast producer is caught hiding behind the sofa after viewers spot her trainers sticking out

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch

BBC Breakfast viewers were left surprised after spotting one of the show’s producers hiding behind a sofa.

The programme’s floor manager Tracey was caught unawares as the cameras started rolling while she was still on set on Monday morning.

She quickly dropped to the floor and tried to hide, but was foiled by eagle-eyed viewers who spotted her trainers sticking out.

Hosts Dan Walker and Louis Minchin struggled to suppress their laughter as Walker looked over the chair and asked: “Are you alright there, Tracey?”

Gaffe: A producers feet could be seen sticking out from the sofa (BBC)

The show poked fun at the slip up on Twitter, writing from the BBC Breakfast account: “Anyone want to play a game of spot Tracey’s feet? Our floor manager Tracey had to dive behind the sofa to avoid being on TV.”

Walker also join in the fun, posting on his account: "The wonderful Tracey giving a whole new meaning to the job of ‘Floor Manager’ live on @BBCBreakfast This Morning.

Viewers were equally amused and shared in the joke on social media.