BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood addresses age gap with husband Steve Randal amidst scrutiny

Carol Kirkwood
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood has candidly discussed the age difference with her younger husband, following their recent nuptials. The beloved weather presenter remarried in a "small intimate wedding" after her first marriage naturally ended.

Carol, 62, began her romance with Steve Randal, a serving police officer, about seven years ago, and they tied the knot on December 27. Despite the roughly 14-year age gap between them, with Carol being the senior, she has shrugged off any negative commentary.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Carol highlighted the double standards regarding age-gap relationships, stating: "If our ages were the other way around, nobody would ever mention it. I've had a few comments but I don't care."

She further dismissed outdated labels, saying: "We've moved on from the days when he might have been described as my toyboy or people might call me a cougar. We're happy together and that's all that matters."

Reflecting on her special day upon returning to BBC Breakfast, Carol expressed nothing but joy: "I cannot tell you how fabulous it's been! I would not change a thing about the day. It was very small as well and intimate, so you didn't have to worry that Auntie Nelly didn't have a glass of sherry in her hand! It was brilliant.", reports Birmingham Live.

Carol, who was once wed to Scottish entrepreneur Jimmy Kirkwood for 25 years, parted ways with him in 2008. While the details of their separation are not public, Carol shared: "It was a transition between being married and being divorced and suddenly being on your own."

She added, reflecting on the experience, "All of that was new to me at the ripe old age in my forties. You were a wee bit lost but you get on with it."