BBC Countryfile star Adam Henson shares 'sad news' and fans say they are sending love

Adam Henson with a Suffolk Punch and King Charles
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Countryfile's Adam Henson has informed his fans that one of his horses has passed away, however, he also had some uplifting news to share. The BBC star revealed the loss of his horse Victoria on Instagram but also announced the birth of a new foal.

Alongside an image of a young colt with its mother Lexy the chestnut Suffolk Punch, Adam wrote: "After the sad passing of Victoria last week, I'm delighted to share the news that my #SuffolkPunch mare, Lexy, has given birth to a beautiful #colt."

The TV personality added: "He is doing extremely well and will be staying alongside Lexy with local expert breeders until they have formed a strong bond, after which they'll be joining us back at Cotswold Farm Park." Adam's followers quickly responded to his bittersweet post. One user said: "What an absolute beauty, good to see the Suffolk Punch bloodline continues Adam," reports the Express.

Sue added: "Wow he's a little smasher he's got some lovely strong legs and a beautiful face." A third fan commented: "So happy to see this, we were at the farm when we saw the horses being moved and I knew something wasn't right, but this news is great to see."

In praise of the new mother Lexy, one fan stated: "Well done Lexy, hope you and your gorgeous boy are doing well." Charlotte penned:" Congratulations, he's gorgeous, but so sad to hear about Victoria. Sending love."

Adam decided not to share the foal's name in his post, meaning fans will have to patiently wait to discover the young horse's moniker. This announcement comes in the wake of Adam courageously discussing the impact of his wife Charlie's pancreatic cancer diagnosis and treatment on their family life. She was diagnosed at the age of 57.

Following a life-altering operation, Charlie started working part-time again after two years and currently has medical scans twice a year.