BBC cuts sound on England v Switzerland after Gary Lineker's mistake

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

The BBC appeared to cover for Gary Lineker as they cut the sound during his joyous celebrations of England's win over Switzerland. Gareth Southgate's team secured their place in the semi-finals of the Euros after winning on penalties 5-3 after a tensely fought match.

After the nail-biting victory, the BBC showed Prince William celebrating in the stands alongside scenes of England fans celebrating up and down the country. The channel then aired the celebrations from the pundits in the studio - Gary Lineker, Micah Richards, Frank Lampard, and Rio Ferdinand.

Lineker quipped: "This is our embarrassing moment." But as the clip played with the four going crazy in the studio, Richards questioned why the audio had been cut.

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He asked: "Where's the sound? Where's the sound (Gaz), what happened?"

Lineker then revealed he might be the reason for the BBC cutting the sound, saying: "I think, to be honest I think I dropped the f-bomb so.." BBC rules prevent swearing on the channel before the watershed at 9pm.

England is now through to the semi-finals, and they will either play Turkey or the Netherlands for a spot in the final. The semi-final clash is scheduled for Wednesday night at 8pm.