BBC dad Robert Kelly returns with gatecrasher kids to give live update on coronavirus lockdown life

Harriet Brewis, Ellena Cruse

A professor who shot to fame after his children crashed a live interview has delighted viewers by appearing onscreen once more – accompanied by his cheeky brood.

Professor Robert Kelly was joined by his wife and kids this morning to give an update on the coronavirus situation in South Korea, where the family are based.

The professor returned to BBC news with his interrupting family: BBC

The BBC News cameo comes three years after the dad-of-two became an online hit after being interrupted during a serious video commentary by his young daughter Marion, who came bounding into the room.

She was then followed by her baby brother James in a rolling bouncer, before their panicked mother burst in to pull the pair out the room.

The children first came to the world's attention when they joined in a live interview on the BBC in 2017 (BBC)

Today, the family of four returned to the news programme – with no unexpected entrances this time.

In the clip, James – no longer a bouncing baby – waves to the nation from his mother's lap, while his older sister jumps on her dad for a cuddle.

All four members were featured in the 2020 interview (BBC)

However, as their parents get into details about life under lockdown and South Korean policies, the children soon start to get bored.

As Mrs Kelly addresses the difficulties of staying at home with young children, Marion starts to pull her dad's face while James beings to chew noisily.

When Professor Kelly starts to discuss the extreme measures in place to battle Covid-19 in the country, the children start to get restless.

James bounces up and down before walking off to the back of the room, while Marion starts to make a gurgling sound which her mum dulls by clamping a hand over her mouth.

Once again Professor Kelly apologies for the interruption.

"Sorry my kids…,” he begins to say.

But the TV presenter replies: “That is one thing that you can never apologise for.

“It is part of the scene.”

Social media rejoiced at the return of the family and shared gifs, screenshots and newly-created memes with the children in the background.

Taking to Twitter, TV critic and broadcaster Scott Bryan shared the clip and added: “We needed this”.

Another added a gif of the children strolling into the room in 2017.

One user said: “I love her touseling [sic] her Dad's hair”.

While another added: “Beautiful family. Made me smile again. Well done for coming back on. Still laugh out loud at the first interview”

Some couldn’t believe how much the children had grown and said: “Wow! Surely it’s not been that long since we first saw them is it?! The kids are so much older!”

One user said: “Thank you for that.

"I needed a smile this morning."