BBC Death in Paradise to get new factual spin-off series 'Policing Paradise'

The acclaimed BBC series Death in Paradise has won over audiences to such an extent that the BBC has signed up for a second spin-off series. An upcoming documentary series, tentatively titled Policing Paradise, will explore the operations of actual Caribbean police forces.

One insider confirmed filming is already underway, telling The Mirror: "It'll look at what the real-life police get up to as opposed to the fictional ones in Death in Paradise - and there's quite a difference. Those accustomed to witnessing crime resolution each week might discern that real-world situations don't wrap up as neatly.

"Much like the programme's storylines, homicide is prevalent but contrastingly, fewer murders find resolution - certainly not within a matter of days. Love stories are less abundant too! Reality tends to be more stark."

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Produced by Spun Gold, renowned for their royal-focused content, the documentary series is due to take on a daytime slot on BBC1. Recognised as one of the most dangerous areas globally, the Caribbean boasts the highest murder rate throughout the Americas.

Furthermore, it carries a reputation as a haven for tax evasion funds amounting to billions of dollars. The Caribbean is also plagued with high instances of burglaries and vehicle thefts.

Jamaica has the highest murder rate in the region, with 53 victims per 100,000 inhabitants in 2022 - nearly five times higher than in the Dominican Republic. The islands considered least safe to visit include Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago. However, most of the crime is concentrated in inner cities rather than the coastal tourist resorts.

The much-loved TV show, Death in Paradise, filmed on the French island of Guadeloupe, was the third-highest-rating drama in the country in 2023, trailing behind Happy Valley and Doctor Who.

Death in Paradise first aired in 2011 and since then the show has given birth to a spin-off drama series, Beyond Paradise, featuring Kris Marshall, the second actor to play the lead role, reprising his character as DI Humphrey Goodman alongside Sally Bretton as his ex-love interest Martha Lloyd. Its popularity led to its renewal for a second series and a Christmas special after its launch last year.

In March, The Mirror exclusively reported that Ralf Little had stepped down from his role as DI Neville Parker after a five-year stint, making him the longest-serving lead on the main show. He has now been replaced by former EastEnders actor Don Gilet, the first black actor to secure the role.