BBC EastEnders fans all asking the same question over Keegan Taylor return

EastEnders aired some confusing scenes in a recent episode
-Credit: (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes)

In a recent episode of EastEnders, viewers were left puzzled as two significant former characters made their return during the sombre funeral scenes for Keanu Taylor. However, one of these returns was oddly overlooked, with only one character's return being featured in the episodes.

Karen Taylor was depicted returning to Albert Square following the tragic murder of her son Keanu. With Keanu's funeral taking place this week, Karen returned alone, accompanied by her daughter Bernie and nephew Felix.

However, a subsequent scene in the episode caused confusion when Karen confirmed that several family members were absent from the service. She revealed that two of her sons and partner Mitch Baker were not present, finding it all too overwhelming.

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Shortly after this, it was seemingly confirmed that another of her children, and a past soap favourite, had returned to the soap for the funeral to say his final goodbyes to his brother. Keegan Baker's return was seemingly confirmed, two years after he departed with wife Tiffany Butcher.

The puzzling part was that we did not actually witness Keegan's return, leaving some viewers perplexed. The service itself was not shown, and while we heard Karen addressing the attendees, we did not see the funeral or who was in attendance, reports the Mirror.

Instead, viewers saw Karen back in Walford expressing gratitude for the support she received before visiting Keanu's alleged murderer Dean Wicks in prison. It was only when Sonia Fowler reached out to her niece Tiffany over the phone later that we learned Keegan was present.

According to Sonia, Keegan had already departed from Walford and was en route back to Germany where he resides with Tiff. Sonia informed her that Keegan had already left for the airport post-service and was on his way home, but viewers did not actually witness this.

It appears that Keegan met his family at the church and attended the service offscreen, then headed for the airport without returning to his former residence. So while Keegan did make a brief return to the soap, it was offscreen and unnoticed by viewers.

This left some fans puzzled about the purpose of this, as others speculated if there had been an error regarding his presence. Some viewers were quick to clarify that the episode seemed to confirm the comeback, but it was offscreen.