BBC Homes Under the Hammer host Dion Dublin arrives at Nottingham flat and surprised by what he saw

Dion Dublin had to duck under a plank of wood to get into the flat
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

A couple has completely transformed a Nottingham property which didn't even have a front door. After arriving at the flat, Homes Under the Hammer host Dion Dublin was surprised to see that there was not even a functioning front door on the property.

A broken blue door could be seen by viewers, but for Dion to get inside he had to climb under a piece of wood. Over the years viewers have seen all sorts on the popular BBC show, but at the very least we have always been able to expect a door.

In addition to this, the Lace Market property was in desperate need of some new windows, a new kitchen and bathroom, and something to fix the extremely creaky floorboards. Located near the Motorpoint Arena in the city, this property had a guide price of £75,000 and was sold on March 15, 2023, for £103,000 to husband and wife duo Andy and Juvi.

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The pair have been married for 20 years, and lived in Nottingham together for the past 16 years. They got into the property business in 2009 when they started renting out rooms in their Bulwell home to international students.

Since then they expanded due to the student demand, and now have a portfolio of 30 rental properties. With this new property, they hope to try something different. Andy explained: "We had been doing student accommodation for a number of years and we thought 'well let's try short-term lets'.

Andy and Juvi telling Dion their plans for the property
Andy and Juvi telling Dion their plans for the property -Credit:BBC

"This is perfect for short-term lets, as it's only 100m from the arena where they put on concerts, and there's an ice hockey team here in Nottingham." Dion returned to the property four months later in August 2023, and viewers were left gobsmacked by the impressive transformation.

Everything from new flooring and lighting, to new windows and a new boiler were installed. The kitchen now has built-in features like a microwave and a breakfast bar, and the bath was swapped for a large walk-in shower.

Thanks to the changes, the stunning flat can sleep up to six people as a short-term let, and the work was completed in the three months they had hoped. Regarding the initial budget of £30,000, the couple did go over a little bit and spent a total of £37,000.

The flat was completely transformed in just 12 weeks
The flat was completely transformed in just 12 weeks -Credit:BBC

However, they did not want to compromise on quality and building costs had increased, so they were not too worried about this. A local estate agent has valued it as being worth £140,000 to £145,000 if it was sold, £1,000 in rent a month or around £100 a night as a holiday let.

The couple were very pleased about this. Andy explained: "It's actually averaged for £95 a night on 80 percent occupancy in the first month. We're sticking with our guns as it's a successful holiday let, we can tell that from the test we have done for the first month, and we are just happy that Plan A has worked out."

The sales price would mean the couple would break even, but if they keep it as a holiday to let they could have an impressive annual pre-tax income of over £27,000 if they have an 80 per-cent occupancy on average.

Anyone interested in the modern flat can even stay there on their next trip into the city as it's available to rent on Airbnb.