BBC interview on South Korea turns hilarious when kids burst into room

Busan-based professor Robert E. Kelly went on BBC World News on Friday to flex his knowledge of South Korean politics, but it was his kids who wound up stealing the show.

Kelly, who, according to his Twitter bio, is a professor of political science at South Korea’s Pusan National University, was being interviewed via Skype about the recent impeachment of South Korea’s former president, Park Geun-hye, when a little girl bounded into the room behind him.

Kelly managed to keep his cool, gently pushing his pigtailed daughter out of the shot as he continued to weigh in on the Korean political upheaval. But she wasn’t the only member of the family who wanted in on the spotlight. As Kelly mused about a potential change for relations between North and South Korea, a fast-moving baby in a rolling chair apparently managed to outrun a woman who slid into the room to scoop up the kids seconds later.

By the time the sun was up in the U.S. Friday morning, the interview with Kelly and his family had gone viral.