BBC mercilessly mocked for headline that appears to quote Royal baby

Eleanor Rose
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their new son outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary's, Paddington: AP

The BBC was mercilessly mocked for a headline that appeared to quote the Royal baby.

The BBC News UK Twitter account shared a story about William and Kate's new son with the caption: "Royal baby: 'New mums have so much unnecessary pressure.' "

It detailed how pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge looking immaculate just hours after the birth had sparked a debate about motherhood.

But readers poked fun at the BBC for the headline, joking that they were impressed Kate and William's newborn had already learned to speak.

"That's really mature of him but I think I'm more surprised he's already learned to speak," wrote one man on Twitter.

"Fair play to the BBC for getting a quote out of the royal baby," wrote another.

A woman said: "Wow pretty impressed with how woke this one-day-old baby is."

Another reader said the baby should be bumped up the Royal hierarchy if he is so intelligent.

"If he’s learned to speak so young, and have developed opinions on family policy, he probably deserves to be higher up than fifth in line," he wrote.