BBC Morning Live's Kym Marsh says 'it's come at a good time' as she opens up on dad's death

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Kym Marsh chatted about her new role on Morning Live -Credit:BBC

In a role reversal BBC Morning Live presenter Kym Marsh appeared on the show as a guest and was interviewed by her regular co-stars, Welsh presenter Gethin Jones and Michelle Ackerley. She spoke about her new career move on the latest instalment of the morning show, on April 18, and said "it's come at a good time" following the death of her dad.

Kym's dad, Dave, passed away from prostate cancer in January 2024 and he often appeared on Morning Live to talk openly and raise awareness. Now Kym is starring in the new play 101 Dalmatians, playing the villain Cruella de Vil. Want less ads? Download WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android.

Speaking about her first major role since her dad's death, she said: "The sad part is that he won't be around to see it but he would have loved it, he would have been so thrilled to see me play this part but it has come at a good time, give me a bit of a lift and something to get my head into and really look forward to."

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She added that her family are looking forward to seeing her in the show and recently also posted a sweet message to her Instagram, wishing her son a happy birthday. Kym said: "And just like that he's 29!!!!! Absolute madness!... as your mum it's a crazy thought. To me you are still that little boy, who collected stones and felt sorry for the gingerbread person with one eye!

"@cunliffe890 you are and always have been the most wonderful human. So very very kind, caring, generous, hilariously funny, fiercely loyal and with a heart as big as the ocean. You would never hurt anybody or anything, there is not a bad bone in your body." You can keep up to date with the latest TV and showbiz news by signing up to the newsletter here.