BBC, Netflix and ITV ban corsets in period dramas

Simone Ashley, right, admits her figure changed on Bridgerton credit:Bang Showbiz
Simone Ashley, right, admits her figure changed on Bridgerton credit:Bang Showbiz

BBC, Netflix and ITV are banning corsets in costume dramas.

The tightly bound bodices have been a long time fixture in TV shows such as 'Bridgerton', 'Downton Abbey' and 'Jane Eyre' as reference to a time when there was pressure to have tiny waists.

However, The Sun newspaper reports that TV bosses are now concerned about the health effects for actresses wearing them for up to 14 hours a day on set.

It's said 'Bridgerton' producers have told the cast of the Netflix show that they don't have to use them.

ITV has joined in the boycott, and the BBC is also expected to follow suit.

An insider said: "Many stars have reported bruising and even breathing problems."

Michelle Dockery - who plays Lady Mary Crawley in the 'Downton Abbey' series and movies - previously opened up about her delight when the franchise moved into the 1920s, which meant she and her cast mates could get out of the corsets and start eating a proper lunch without being "in pain".

She said: “We could actually eat our lunches without being sort of in pain by the afternoon, and being able to eat a full meal as opposed to like being wary of how much we would feel bloated in this corset.

"So we were so relieved to get out of them.

“Yes, so it really sort of freed us up. I loved moving into the Twenties, that was my favourite.”

Meanwhile, Simone Ashley - who plays Kate Sharma in 'Bridgerton' - revealed that wearing a corset on the show has changed her figure.

The actress - who also starred as Olivia Hanan in 'Sex Education' - explained: "With 'Bridgerton', it’s much more intense than 'Sex Education' in the sense that if I’m not filming, I’m horse riding, training or in rehearsals. I’m in accent training or I’m in a fitting.

"I’ve never really worn a corset before, so that took some getting used to! My body definitely changed a little bit wearing it and that kind of changed my posture a lot to suit the era. Horse riding … I’ve never really ridden before."