BBC presenter Stephen Nolan hospitalised following 'terrible' accident at home

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BBC presenter Stephen Nolan was 'rushed to the hospital' following a 'terrible' accident at his home. The 50-year-old was absent from presenting his usual Thursday breakfast slot.

Stephen is usually at the helm of BBC Radio Ulster on a Thursday, as Chris Buckler, who took over the show, shared the shocking news that Stephen had been taken to hospital. The BBC mogul had been in A&E for hours following the incident.

Revealing the news from a phone call to the station, Stephen confirmed he spent six hours in A&E, which caused him to miss his show, the Mirror reports. "I was trying to move 10 boxes of tiles. I didn't realise how heavy tiles were so they all landed on my big toe," he said.

However, stand-in Chris and the team seemed sceptical about the 'excuse', reports OK!. "There is a little bit of kind of reluctance to believe any of this inside your team this morning... because they don't believe for a second that you actually do anything like physical manual labour," he quipped on air.

"You basically employ people to move things... so what have you been doing? Have you run out of men? ""Have I run out of men? " he responded. "There's another front page story. Last night I was on the ground with all of these tiles on top of me and I started thinking 'what have I done.'" Stephen revealed that the hospital visit showed "there is a wee sliver of a bone that has broken off".

BBC host Stephen Nolan revealed why he missed his show on Thursday -Credit:BBC

The host then proceeded to commend the hospital staff, stating: "The staff were fantastic, thank you very much to all the staff up at the Ulster Hospital. It was terrifying, it really was."

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Stephen took to Twitter on Thursday to share the unfortunate news of his injuries with his followers. "Today hasn't been good," he posted. "Massive pile of floor tiles which are not fitted yet standing up in boxes - I under estimated their weight and pulled them towards me to open a drawer they were leaning against.

"They landed on my foot as I went crashing to the floor. Not a good look and my big toe is swelling!" Fans rushed to send their well-wishes to the star. "That sounds painful, hope you're okay (and the tiles didn't break!)," one fan commented. Another wrote: "Hope you haven't broken anything!"

"There's always someone having a worse day," a third fan chimed in. However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as Chris revealed that original host Stephen would be "back with his injured toe on Monday."

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