BBC Race Across The World fans 'broken' as Betty sobs over rare medical condition

Betty broke down as she spoke about her rare condition
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Race Across The World viewers were left heartbroken after contestant Betty opened up about a rare medical condition that had left her 'without a womb'. The 25-year-old is competing on the BBC show with her brother James as they travel across Eastern Asia in the hopes of winning a £20,000 cash prize.

Betty, a social media and events manager from Yorkshire, broke down in tears as she revealed her heartbreaking diagnosis. She said: "My frustrations and down moments come periodically, I want to be resilient and brave and whatever, but my condition I do believe has made me have this mindset of being negative and not really liking the person I am."

Betty then explained that she had been diagnosed with MRKH (also known as Rokitansky Syndrome) just after turning 16. The rare congenital condition affects the female reproductive system.

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Betty explained: ‌"It means that I don’t have a uterus, I don’t have a womb and I only have one kidney as well. I think as a young woman, you’re told you’re going to marry, you’re going to have a family, and from a young age when that’s taken away from you, it does put doubts in your mind. Doubts in your purpose as a person, I suppose."

Her brother James comforted her, adding: "It’s okay, you know, honestly I forget that you can’t have children." Betty told him: "Me and you have never even had a conversation about it have we?

"It’s definitely made me develop, I think, a lot of the negative attributes that I have like overthinking and wanting to feel in control, because I just feel like at 16 something was taken away from me that I couldn’t control. So, when you’ve been saying “everything happens for a reason,” I can’t believe that.’

James hugged his sister as he replied: "Yes, that makes more sense now. I get that my philosophy is “everything happens for a reason”, but to you, obviously not. And that being positive is not always the best way to deal with things."

He then told the crew that it was 'tough' to hear and broke down in tears before being hugged by one of the crew. He added: ‘Brave is now probably an understatement, I’ll have to think of a new word for her.’

Viewers were in tears over the emotional moment. One wrote on X: "How upsetting for Betty. I just want to hug her. Going through what she's been through at just 16 years old is heartbreaking," adding crying and heartbroken emojis.

Another added: 2Omg I’m devastated for our Betty, what she has gone through is beyond belief. The way James needed a hug from the cameraman too, I’m in bits."