BBC Race Across the World viewers 'worried' that contestants could be heading for a series 'first'

Alfie and Owen are in the lead after the end of tonight's Race Across the World
Alfie and Owen are in the lead after the end of the latest episode of Race Across the World -Credit:BBC

BBC Race Across The World viewers have expressed worry as a first in the show's history looms large. The latest episode of the popular BBC series saw the four remaining teams journey from Thailand to Indonesia. Stephen and Viv led the charge into the sixth episode as they became the first to reach Ko Phi Phi, after an adrenaline-pumping conclusion to the previous week's episode.

However, viewer's eyebrows were raised when the table-toppers decided to advance further down the coast. With Stephen controlling the budget, which still had 36% left with over half the journey to go, they set out for the next checkpoint.

Viv was frustrated by Stephen's management of the budget, suggesting an injection of cash at the beginning of the new leg. Yet spectators tuning into social media were thrown into confusion by Viv opting to spend over £80 on speedboat tickets, reports the Liverpool Echo.

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Matthew vocalised his concern saying: "Stephen and Viv's budget planning going up in flames! " Indeed, their strategy seemed to backfire this leg as Alfie and Owen managed to bridge the gap and found themselves comfortably in the lead.

Despite cheers for Alfie and Owen, fans are worried about the financial implications of such a comeback. Poppy shared her concern saying: "Very worried for Alfie and Owen's budget, but so happy for them".

Phil has commented: "Alfie and Owen nailing it, but they're going to have to make a stop for budget boosting at some point."

Viv shared her thoughts too, saying: "Are Alfie and Owen even aware of how much money they have left? Taxis here there and everywhere but at mo only 18% budget left! ".

Viewers are suggesting that it could be the first time ever in the show's history where all contestants run out of funds. A tweet from @jetsetgirl2 asks: "Will this be the first time all the teams run out of money before the end of the race? ".

Further confirming the financial woes of the teams, Alfie remarked: "This really is the series of losing things. Including all of their budgets." Twitter user @rjc99999 added: "They're all low on funds."

Adding to the commentary, Rosie said: "Surely all of them are quite low on budgets", while Ed pointed out: "Not really a race but a finance challenge to get around on a budget".