BBC reporter Chris Mason hailed for refreshing Brexit analysis: 'I haven't got the foggiest idea... ask Mr Blobby'

James Morris

A BBC journalist has been praised for his "refreshing" on-air analysis of Brexit in which he admitted: “I haven’t got the foggiest idea.”

As the infamously complicated negotiations between the UK government and EU continue to drag on, political correspondent Chris Mason said bosses might as well approach Mr Blobby for his analysis.

He said on BBC Breakfast: “So, where are we in this Brexit process? You know what? People like me are paid to have insight and foresight and hindsight about these things, and to be able to project where we’re going to go.

“To be quite honest, looking at things right now, I haven’t got the foggiest idea what is going to happen in the coming weeks.

“Is the Prime Minister going to get a deal with the EU? Dunno. Is she going to get it through the Commons? Don’t know about that either.

“I think you might as well get Mr Blobby back on to offer his analysis, because frankly I suspect his is now as good as mine.”

Chris Mason has been praised for his honest analysis of Brexit, in which he said: 'I think you might as well get Mr Blobby back on' (BBC Breakfast)

The clip aired on Monday, and Westminster journalists and politicians continued to rally behind Mr Mason on Tuesday.

Spectator editor Fraser Nelson said: “Love Chris Mason. And he makes an important political point: no one has a clue. Not in No10, not outside it.”

Presenter Andrew Neil added: “He’s not alone!”

And staunch Remainer Andrew Adonis quipped: “Nor has the prime minister.”

Mr Mason himself explained the comments: “The aim was to try to explain that even a reasonable knowledge of what's happening now only goes so far in being able to tell what will happen in the coming weeks and months.”