BBC Saturday Kitchen viewers demand 'sort it out' after they have 'morning ruined'

BBC Saturday Kitchen has come under fire from fans after the voting ran into chaos for food 'Heaven or Hell' today. On Saturday June 15, fans moaned they couldn't cast their votes because the episode was airing early at 8.30am, with the voting only open from 10am.

The episode was brought forward due to Trooping the Colour airing on the BBC from 10.30am. Lisa fumed: "Noooo the voting isn't working! #saturdaykitchen" Richard said: "@SaturdayKitchen can't vote on says it doesn't open until 10.00am?...." Tobias typed: "Stop The Votes?" Miss Arsenal said: "#SaturdayKitchen unable to vote"

"You can’t vote for Heaven and Hell online - it says vote doesn’t open until 10am! Fail!!" another wrote. Ian said: "@SaturdayKitchen Hi. Trying to vote but it says we can not vote until 10am,when it opens!!" Another said: "@SaturdayKitchen Your vote says it doesn’t open til 10am - morning ruined."

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"Umm guys the website says not open till 10," another sniped. "Need to sort the time on the voting page please says 10amm," wrote another. " #Saturdaykitchen the voting isn't open! Website says 10am," another posted.

Neil said: "@SaturdayKitchen just to let you know the note is not open on the Web site" Deb said: "Went to vote for the lovely Michelle but your site says vote opens at 10:00 which is when it's meant to close due to early start so could you look at that thank you"

Lisa said: "I was about to say "sort the voting out Matt" lol #SaturdayKitchen" Lamb said: "The voting won't open untill 10am apparently" And another said: "I guess since voting isn't open till 10am, there will be zero votes."

In another post, a fan said: "So nice to see some Georgian food on @SaturdayKitchen . You got to love a bit of khatchapuri- I've tried my hand at making it a few times but it was not a touch on the "proper" stuff we've had out there!"