BBC Springwatch viewers 'skin crawling' as they 'can't watch' 'disturbing' segment

Chris Packham demonstrates a wold spider mating ritual as Michaela Strachan watches on
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Springwatch viewers were left scrambling to switch channels after the show dedicated a whole segment to spiders. The latest episode of the popular BBC Two nature show saw presenters Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham 'shine a light on the courtship and mating of spiders'.

Chris even got rather involved as he appeared with a crude model of a wolf spider on his hand as he acted out the mating process. But the section proved too much for lots of viewers with a fear of spiders who were left with their 'skin crawling'.

Chris told viewers: "On my hand I have a facsimile of that wolf spider and my fingers represent its pedipalps. I am flexing trhem up and down, attracting a female. This is making sure she is in the mood to mate, it can be a risky business. Let's imagine he's got to the point the female is going to be receptive, how does he transfer his reproductive mater?

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"He produces what we call a sperm web. He spins this using his spinnerets and another organ on the underside of his body and then he climbs on top of it and deposits his sperm onto that web.

"Now that's not going to be much use if it's just left lying around, so what he does he then is use those highly modified pedipals to actually suck up the sperm into the pedipalps, and they have hollow tubes inside, and then he needs to get it to the female. So he approaches the female very carefully..he has to got to pass it underneath her body."

Horrified viewers took to X to comment. Jean Prince wrote: "Trying to be less horrified by spiders but I can't even look at the model of the wolf spider."

Zoeharvoutt1878 commented: "Skins crawling!! #springwatch." Billion lights pleaded with producers to cancel the spider content, adding@ "Ewwwwww can we stop with the spider content please #anxiety #springwatch." They added: "Eughhh this is gross !! Get the spiders out of this tv show #springwatch," and "Enough of the spider content please!!!!! #springwatch."