BBC star's family removed from SunExpress flight over peanut row

-Credit: (Image: NurPhoto via Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A BBC weather presenter has told how she and her family were asked to leave a flight in a row over peanuts. Georgie Palmer and her family were ordered off a SunExpress flight from London Gatwick to Dalaman in Turkey after she asked passengers not to eat peanuts due to her daughter's allergy.

She took to Instagram to share details of the incident, which also involved her husband Nick Sollom and their daughters Rosie and Annie, occurred on Tuesday. She revealed the flight's captain refused to make a standard announcement about the peanut allergy.

Georgie, 49, took matters into her own hands by asking passengers around her to refrain from eating peanuts and to pass on the message. Despite the passengers' willingness to comply, the captain allegedly demanded that the family leave before take-off.

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In an Instagram post, Georgie expressed gratitude towards the supportive passengers and criticised the SunExpress captain and cabin crew for their refusal to accommodate her daughter's needs. She wrote: "I thanked the beautiful souls on our plane for helping us.

"Many of them hugged, cheered and held our hands as we were forced to disembark. The SunExpress captain and cabin crew refused to make the standard announcement on behalf of our daughter.

"We gently asked the passengers at the front of the plane to share our request. Row by row, all the passengers turned back to kindly ask the row behind to please not eat nuts on the flight. It was calm, earnest and with an overwhelming sense of solidarity and empathy."

Georgie said there was "no beef" with the request adding: "People get it!" She said it was all because of an "angry little captain" from the cockpit.

The family was forced to book into an airport hotel and catch an EasyJet flight to Dalaman the following day, which set them back an additional £5,000.

A spokesperson for SunExpress responded: "We take the safety of our passengers very seriously. Shortly after boarding our flight, the passenger raised a concern about one of his family group having a serious peanut allergy.

"They requested an announcement to other passengers. We refrain from making these kinds of announcements. Like many other airlines, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment on our flights.

"Nor can we prevent other passengers from bringing food items containing allergens on board. Due to the insistent behaviour of the passenger to others on board, the captain decided it would be safest if the family did not travel."