BBC Strictly Come Dancing's Amy Dowden celebrates surgery milestone and announces new career

Amy Dowden gives a thumbs up from her hospital bed
-Credit: (Image: Amy Dowden/Instagram)

It's been a year since Amy Dowden underwent her first surgery after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in May of the prior year. The Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer found a lump in her breast in April 2023, just as she was about to fly off to the Maldives for her honeymoon with her husband fellow dancer Ben Jones.

She was later diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy after having a mastectomy. Amy revealed earlier this year that she had been given the news that she no longer had signs of cancer.

On Friday, she took tp Instagram to mark one year since her mastectomy and reconstruction surgery - and revealed she has a new book coming out. She shared a picture of herself in hospital and wrote: "Can't believe it's a year since surgery! Happy 1st birthday to my new cancer free boobie!!!"

In an exciting update, Amy also has announced that her debut book, 'Dancing In The Rain', is set to hit the shelves later this year. She took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of the book, with a playful "coming soon" GIF and caption: "Eekkk."

Amy aims for her book to bring comfort and inspiration to readers. Announcing it on Instagram, she stated: "I'm so excited to share this... My book Dancing in the Rain is coming this September. I had such a blast shooting the cover and I can't wait to share my story with you."

She further went on to discuss her enduring love for dance saying: "From my first dance lesson, I never wanted to be off the dance floor; when the music is on, nothing else matters, and it has been what has kept me going in the toughest of times. Despite facing the relentless challenges of undiagnosed Crohn's disease and recent breast cancer, my love for dance has remained unwavering."

She elaborated: "In Dancing in the Rain, I share my deeply personal story, which I hope will offer solace and inspiration to anyone navigating life's storms. I want to remind you that no matter the challenge, the human spirit can prevail, and that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. Don't get bitter, get better!"