BBC The Traitors winner Harry Clark discusses not spending his £95,000 prize money

The Traitors star Harry Clark has revealed why he hasn't spent his £95,000 cash prize money
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Harry Clark, the victor of The Traitors, has opened up about his decision not to spend his £95,000 winnings just yet.

The 23 year old reality TV sensation captured the nation's attention with his strategic prowess on the popular BBC show, successfully deceiving fellow contestants into believing he was a loyal 'Faithful' while secretly playing as a 'Traitor'.

In the series' thrilling conclusion, Harry emerged victorious, securing the prize money, much to the shock of his on-show best mate, Mollie Pearce, who had been convinced of his loyalty. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Charlotte Hawkins inquired whether he'd dipped into his winnings, reports the Mirror.

Harry confessed, "No, I literally haven't spent it, I'm being quite smart with that actually. I'm surprised myself I haven't spent it all."

He elaborated on his future plans: "I do have plans actually, I want to give back to the military so my plan is to open and start my own businesses."

He continued, detailing his entrepreneurial vision: "Be a manager of these businesses and they hire from the army to give people that sense of army home upon leaving because I feel like a lot of people can get lost. I'm looking into doing construction, lorry companies, things like that to hire straight from the military. Military qualifications cross over into civilian qualifications, a lot of people don't realise that, I didn't even realise that mine crossed over! ".

Harry, the winner of The Traitors, disclosed on ITV's Loose Women that he finally received his £95,000 cash prize four months after winning. He was joined by his former co-star Mollie, with whom he discussed their experiences on the popular BBC gameshow.

Earlier in the year, Harry shared with The Mirror that his winnings hadn't yet been paid out. He commented: "It's mad, isn't it? I can't really believe it. I can't even explain it because, well one: I haven't got the money yet, so that's probably why. And Two: I just can't believe it."

Fast forward to his appearance on Loose Women when he admitted fear concerning what to do with the large sum. Asked if his earnings had arrived, Harry affirmed, "Yeah, yeah, I've got the money! I don't know [what I'm going to do with it], I'm too scared to spend it to be honest! If it was up to me, I'd go put it all on red! ".

He continued: "Luckily, I've got my dad, who has got his head screwed on thankfully. I've just let him and my family have it pretty much. Not let them have it, don't tell them that, but they're going to help me."

The television hosts then jokingly proposed that he should share some of the prize money with Mollie, teasingly referring to her as "like family" on the show.

Mollie clarified her stance, stating: "We have to remember, Harry won the game and that's the end of it. All this stuff about him taking me on holiday and sharing the money with me, that's not how it works. I didn't win, Harry did, and that's his money! He worked very hard in there to get it."

TV shows like game shows typically distribute any prize fund after the programme has been broadcast, a policy contestants are informed of prior to participation. The Traitors was recorded months before its television debut earlier this year.