BBC TV licence fee payers can 'apply now' for 'free watching'

BBC TV licence fee payers have been told they can apply for "millions of pounds" worth of "free watching". The TV licence fee, which funds the BBC, has risen 6.7 per cent in line with the Cost of Living crisis and inflationary pressures.

A report by Policy in Practice estimates thousands of households are missing out on free watching worth an eye-watering £249million. "This is not just about the money, it’s about the profound impact on people’s lives. Support from the social security system is a right. The failure to deliver support to people who are entitled to it directly affects education, health outcomes and social participation for millions of people. We can’t afford not to close the unclaimed support gap," said Deven Ghelani, Director and founder, Policy in Practice.

Responding to the report, one Brit said: "I haven't paid for a licence for 36 of the 41 years of needing one. I only paid for the 5 year period because I had a BT TV subscription with my BB but as soon as I dumped BT I dumped the TV licence I've saved over £3000 in licence fees in that time."

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"My objection is based on their bias and numerous repeats, to say nothing of how woke the corporation is," a second agreed. Anyone aged over 75 and receiving Pension Credit is eligible for a free TV Licence, paid for by the BBC. If you’re over 75 and not in receipt of Pension Credit you have to pay for a TV licence.

If you are over 75, you can check if you can get a free TV Licence. TV Licensing explains: "It’s still possible to get your TV Licence for free if you’re 75 or over and you, or your partner living at the same address, are receiving Pension Credit.

"There are other concessions available if you live in qualifying residential care, you are blind or severely sight impaired or you own a business that provides overnight accommodation. You can apply for a free TV Licence online or call 0300 790 6117."