'BCP Council has perennial problem with sand blown from the beach'

'BCP Council has perennial problem with sand blown from the beach' <i>(Image: PA)</i>
'BCP Council has perennial problem with sand blown from the beach' (Image: PA)

BCP COUNCIL seems to have a perennial problem with sand blown from the beach on to the promenade.

This makes it difficult for pushchair and wheelchair users and also bikes and e-scooters.

Visual observations show that little or no sand gets on to the promenade in the following conditions:

In the few cases where there is a low concrete wall or bench (at Canford Cliffs and Flaghead Chine).

Where the beach is lower than the promenade (mostly in Poole)

This means that a permanent solution could be to install low concrete walls along the edge of the promenade with gaps at intervals for access.

These are great for sitting or lying in the summer sun.

However, substantial investment is required which would take some years to be recovered from reduced sand clearing.

An alternative solution is to periodically regrade the beach using the council’s mechanical shovels so that the beach is ideally two feet (60cm) below the promenade.

Even a smaller step down would be effective for a shorter time.

As the council already uses mechanical equipment for grading and cleaning the beach this simply means directing the existing operation in a more strategic fashion.

This used to be done by the former Poole Borough Council but seems to have been forgotten by BCP.

The present procedure of simply sweeping sand into heaps at the edge of the promenade just ensures that it is blown back by the next high wind. Of course there will always be short lengths where the above solutions are impractical.

Here sweeping should move the sand away from the prom without creating heaps and it should be done as soon as possible before rain makes the sand sticky and difficult to remove.


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