Bea makes a heartbreaking decision

Daniel Kilkelly

From Digital Spy

When Bea wakes up in an alley calling for help, a nightclub bouncer called Jonny waits with her as the ambulance arrives. Sam and Iain take Bea, but Johnny refuses treatment for his nasty cut. When Bea arrives in the ED, Ethan insists she waits and is treated like other patients.

Later, Jonny arrives and joins Bea as his face is still throbbing. He is worried about his reputation and explains that a mountain of a man brought him down. Bea questions this, saying she saw him being attacked by a woman.

A frustrated Bea waits for treatment as Johnny has a stroke. He is rushed to resus and Bea follows. Rash says Jonny will need to quit his job and feels Bea might be the best person to tell him, but she is wary about breaking more rules. However, she stays with Johnny and convinces him to have hope and try rehabilitation.

Bea goes to see Shawn and runs into registrar Xavier, who informs her that surgery did not go well. He says that the situation was avoidable and some doctors don't make the cut. At this, Bea breaks down in tears and writes a letter of resignation to Ethan.

Meanwhile, Ethan is in danger of crossing a line with Leigh-Anne.

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