Beach brawl: 2 grown men fight over who gets to ride sailboat

Tempers flared on a Filipino holiday island, which is closing for six months, when two tourists fought over who would get the last spot on a sailboat.

The Chinese and South Korean men began brawling on the beach in Boracay Island, which will close for six months due to the overload of tourists.

Onlookers said the two men were jostling for the last place on a sailboat known locally as a “paraw.”

The dispute happened on April 12 just days after President Rodrigo Duterte branded the island a “cesspool” and ordered the closure to start on April 26.

“This is exactly the kind of reason the island is being closed,” onlooker Maria Gerdez said. “Too many people and too much overcrowding causing problems.”

''It was strange to see two grown men fighting over something so silly,” Gerdez added. “They were behaving like juveniles.”