Beachgoers Dig Trench to Help Stranded Baby Turtle Crawl Its Way to Sea

A baby sea turtle was given a helping hand by beachgoers on the Caribbean island of Martinique, as they dug a trench for the newly hatched reptile to crawl to the sea, video uploaded on March 1 shows.

Footage recorded by Camille Gouyette shows the baby turtle initially being drizzled with a few drops of water, before it traverses a trench dug by a plastic toy shovel.

Gouyette told Storyful in a translated message that she first found the baby turtle on “the beach alone in the middle of the day.”

“We could not take it to put it directly in the sea because we risk transmitting potentially fatal bacteria to it,” Gouyette told Storyful. “She finally arrived in the sea after about 30 minutes.” Credit: Camille Gouyette via Storyful

Video transcript