Bear Caught Snooping Around Outside North Carolina Home

A student in Fairview, North Carolina, joked that “all outside activities after sunset are hereby cancelled” after webcams captured a large bear visiting his family home for the second night in a row on May 1-2.

Evan Fisher said the bear “destroyed our bird feeders, scared the family of foxes that lives beside the house, and caused a general ruckus”. So, they decided to set up some webcams to see if they could “catch the bear in the act”.

Sure enough, as this video shows, the furry trespasser didn’t miss its moment in the spotlight.

Fisher told Storyful that the bear was the largest he had seen in the area since he and his family moved there 10 years ago. He asked on Twitter what they should call the bear, with “Hank the Tank” coming in as the favorite. Credit: Evan Fisher via Storyful

Video transcript


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