Bear-ental Supervision: Curious Cubs Explore Anchorage Backyard Alongside Mama Bear

A mama bear and two curious cubs explored a backyard in Anchorage, Alaska, footage shared on September 8 shows.

Eagle River resident Stacy Thorpe spotted the furry family wandering around her garden, and whipped out her camera to film the unexpected visitors.

“When these videos were taken, we were enjoying lunch, in front of one of our picture windows,” Thorpe told Storyful. "A shadow caught my eye – turning out to be a bear.

“As I excitedly told my husband to look… a second bear came into view. As he turned his head, a third bear was visible,” she said.

According to Thorpe, the three bears — whom she described as “quite portly” and preparing for hibernation — stayed for about half an hour.

Thorpe said that in the 40 years she’s been living in the house, she had never seen more than one bear at a time in the yard. Credit: Stacy Thorpe via Storyful

Video transcript

STACY THORPE: Time for a little adventure. Oh, Mom, don't forget us. Can you help me up here?

September 8, 2022. Mama and her cubs playing in Eagle River, Alaska.