Bear Stuck in Tree Falls to Safety During Rescue by Nevada Firefighters

Firefighters rescued a bear stuck in a tree on a residential street in Reno, Nevada, on April 26, authorities said.

Video filmed by local resident Keith Bohn shows a group of intrigued neighbors gather to watch the scene unfold, cheering as the bear fell safely from the tree into a tarp held by firefighters.

The Reno Fire Department said it sent two engines out to a “bear-y interesting call” on Wednesday. “Our crews assisted NDOW [Nevada Department of Wildlife] in getting a bear out of a tree using a ladder and salvage cover,” it said.

Bohn told Storyful the bear wandered into his neighborhood Double Diamond early on Wednesday morning.

“Wildlife personnel were on scene for a while to monitor the bear and tranquilize it if it came down on its own. It did not,” Bohn explained.

“After about 20 minutes, the bear fell from the tree and was caught safely. It was examined on-site, tagged and loaded into transport for later release in the Mount Rose area,” he said.

“They indicated it was a ‘wanted’ bear due some nuisance behavior recently in the area.” Credit: Keith Bohn via Storyful

Video transcript

- He's pretty big. I don't know if he's a baby. That's full grown man.

You can go underneath there and just pull him out from underneath.

- He's a big boy, dude.

- Yeah, he doesn't look like a baby.

- Oh.

- Why don't she just do it. Yeah, I think so.

- [INAUDIBLE] Nothing this exciting never happens here.



- That's a heavy bear.


- Ooh.

- Whoa.


- Yeah.

- Woo.

- Woo.

- I guess he's done.

- That is.

He's probably one of the guys, right?

- That's the rangers' dog.

- Oh, it's the rangers' dog. OK, because I'm like, they get a a dog. But it's a bear coming down.

- Oh, they put him in the shade.

- Oh, but right next to the dog.

- I know.

- My dog would've been all over that.

That's a bear dog.

- I know. Clearly trained.


- Just an average Wednesday.

- I don't know what everybody else does on Wednesday, but this is what I do.




- You want to go backwards with it, [INAUDIBLE]?

No, about [INAUDIBLE]

- All right, now close it.

- Yeah.




- Yeah, that's mine. There.

- Where'd our truck go?