Bears Stroll Across Popular Hiking Trail in Boulder, Colorado

A hiker got up close and personal with a pair of bears while out on a popular hiking trail in Boulder, Colorado, on May 25.

Footage captured by hiker Daria Sukova shows the duo as she traversed the Flatirons Loop, a popular trail situated mere kilometers from the center of Boulder.

“The first bear was larger and stared at me for a few seconds but I didn’t get it on video. I think it was a mom with a cub,” Sukova told Storyful.

The Flatirons loop treats hikers to open meadows, pine forests, rock falls, and valley floor, according to

“What surprised me was that this happened on a very popular trail, very close to Boulder. The bears didn’t seem to mind people at all,” said Sukova. Credit: Daria Sukova via Storyful

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