Beat the Chasers' Mark Labbett mocks host with bookish joke

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Photo credit: Matt Frost - ITV
Photo credit: Matt Frost - ITV

Beat the Chasers is back on ITV, and so is some fiery banter between the chasers and host Bradley Walsh.

Tonight's (January 10) celebrity version saw Omid Djalili, Richard Whitehead, Jenny Eclair and Clive Mantle trying to win money to benefit three charities of their choice.

During Whitehead's turn to face the chasers, Mark Labbett had the perfect opportunity to roast Walsh.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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The Paralympic athlete was supposed to answer a question about the most common book stolen from libraries.

Whitehead guessed this correctly as the coveted book was revealed to be none other than the Guinness Book of World Records – one you would normally find in the reference section of a library, as Anne Hegerty pointed out.

Walsh, however, had no idea what the Governess was talking about. Specifically, the host didn't know one can't borrow books from the reference section to take home.

"Have you ever been to a library?" Hegerty asked as Walsh tried to come up with an explanation.

Photo credit: Matt Frost - ITV
Photo credit: Matt Frost - ITV

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Walsh's hesitancy gave Labbett enough time to blast him.

"That's why we're up here and you're down there," The Beast said.

Walsh had to take a moment before resuming his hosting duty after the amusing, only slightly awkward exchange.

Whitehead went on to win £24,000 for a cancer research charity. He picked the right offer, at least according to some viewers on Twitter.

Unlike fellow contestant Djalili, who ended up losing to the quiz experts, Whitehead made the wise decision to settle for less money and a shortest time for the chasers to give their round.

Later on, Mantle also managed to beat the chasers and get £100,000 to donate to the National Youth Theatre in a record win.

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