17 Beautiful Baby Shower Cakes To Lust Over

Alison Coldridge
Editor Yahoo Style UK
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Baby showers have become incredibly popular in the last few years, with the majority of all mums-to-be having one. And while they’re not every pregnant woman's cup of tea, they're a great way for a bunch of friends and family to get together and have fun tasting pooey (aka chocolate) nappies and the like.

But best of all, they're a great reason to make a MASSIVE CAKE.

Get ready to get inspired...

Sprinkles galore! [passioncookie.com.au]

Simple and elegant, you can't go wrong with a cake that's covered in royal icing and sprinkles. 

All of your baby's essentials... baked. [Pinterest]

If you're after a more thematic baby shower cake, this should be your top pick. After all, who wouldn't want an edible changing bag?!

Blue for a boy? [Pinterest]

We love the star print that covers this super chic cake - and how adorable are those teeny tiny baby booties?!

All of the baby books you really need. [Tumblr]

Bookworms will love this edible stack of baby books. We definitely do.

Everyone loves a cupcake! [Pinterest]

These baby shower cupcakes are brilliant. They definitely prove that you don't need a five-tiered cake to make an impact.

There's nothing wrong with an OTT traditional cake. [Pinterest]

This cake hasn't held back in terms of frills and fancies. It's laden with intricate icing styles, bows and Tiffany blue colouring - not to mention a pushchair that we can imagine the Duchess of Cambridge herself pushing.


Tiny boots! And dresses! And cuddly toys! Could this cake be any sweeter? We highly doubt it.


This cake is perfect for the mum who's decided not to find out her baby's sex. But how you make it is completely beyond us. There never was a better time to call in the experts... 


Basically, this is the new Colin the Caterpillar. But for baby showers.

[Premier Cake Creations]

Are those buttons real or made from icing? We can't even tell. Talk about piping perfection. 


Another bake that's ideal for baby showers where the baby's gender hasn't been revealed. And not too tricky to make, either. One to try at home?


If you're planning on revealing your baby's gender to your friends and family at your baby shower, this is an inspired way to do it.


This all-white cake proves that sometimes less is far more (not to mention way less effort).



Your cake doesn't have to be circular - or tiered. This pram-shaped bake has a lot going for it and definitely looks good enough to eat.


It's pretty simple to make a 'wonky' cake like this - all you need to do is slice a slanted layer off each sponge and it leaves a really cool finishing effect.


The bottle cake is a classic and very clearly a baby shower bake.


However this baker managed to get the stick to support the post box baffles us. But it looks incredible.

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