The beautiful beach named one of the best near London even though it's nowhere near the sea

Port Meadow - Creative Commons pic
-Credit: (Image: AstacopsisGouldi/CC)

With summer fast approaching, many will have days out on the mind - fingers crossed the sun comes back out. Port Meadow in Oxford offers the ideal spot for a refreshing swim.

Moreover, it proves that you don't need a seaside to have a fantastic beach, as despite being miles away from any coastline, it has been dubbed one of the best beaches near London by The Telegraph.

The River Thames meanders through an expansive meadow, revealing numerous small beaches and hidden coves where you can settle down with a picnic basket.

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You can choose your entry point from the tree-lined side on the west of the river or the meadow on the east. It's the ultimate location to enjoy the second wave of summer heat - particularly as the Met Office has issued an amber weather alert due to the blistering heat - offering a chance to cool off and unwind amidst nature's splendour.

With cows and horses freely wandering around, and the enchanting city spires of Oxford glistening in the distance, the scene is truly idyllic. The meadow, which is believed to have remained unploughed for at least the past 4,000 years, is brimming with archaeological interest - if that piques your curiosity.

If not, simply spread out your picnic blanket, slather on plenty of sunscreen, and remember to take any rubbish or leftovers with you when you depart.

You can access the meadow from either Wolvercote to the north (Godstow car park, OX2 8PU), or Jericho to the south (Walton Well Road car park, OX2 6ED). Alternatively, if you're travelling by train, it's just a quick 15-minute stroll up the river from Oxford rail station.

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