'Beautiful' Snow Coats Trees in Upstate New York Amid Winter Storm Warning

Snow showers swept across parts of upstate New York early on Monday, January 23, amid a winter storm warning in the area.

Footage captured by Bob Joseph show snow coating trees in Recreation Park, in Binghamton, on Monday morning. In the video, he says, “This park is beautiful after a January snowfall.”

According to the National Weather Service, further snow showers were forecasted on Monday afternoon, and another “messy system” was on the way for Wednesday. Credit: Bob Joseph via Storyful

Video transcript

- Monday morning in Binghamton, New York. This was Rod Serling's childhood park when he lived just a few blocks from here. This carousel represented one of his fondest memories. It was donated about a century ago by businessman George F. Johnson.

This Park is beautiful after a January snowfall.

We remember Rod Serling in Binghamton, New York.

What a beautiful morning--

- Right. It's very beautiful.

- --here in upstate New York.

- I built a snowman.

- Isn't the snow beautiful?

- It's so amazing.

- So picturesque.