Beauty and the Beast composer Alan Menken reveals 'edgy' new Gaston lyrics that were cut from the animation

Ben Travis

While Beauty and the Beast is – as we all know – a tale as old as time, the new live action Disney film does carry some differences to the 1991 animated classic.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, legendary composer Alan Menken revealed that the new version of the song Gaston features lyrics that were deemed ‘too edge’ for the original film.

“In Gaston there are some original lyrics that Howard Ashman had written we could not put in the animated [film], because they were just too edgy and adult,” he explained.

“When I showed them to [director] Bill Condon, he said ‘yes, let’s use those!’ We put a lot of those lyrics into Gaston.

“[It’s] funny, but stuff that might be – especially back when we first did the movie – a little too edgy for kids.”

The lyrics in question involve the macho bad-guy, played here by Luke Evans, singing about his superior hunting techniques:

“When I hunt, I sneak up with my quiver / And beasts of the field say a prayer / First, I carefully aim for the liver / Then I shoot from behind / Is that fair? / I don’t care.”

Menken said the lyrics have been reinstated due to the live action film having a “different tone, different audience” and being a “different medium” to the animated version.

Beauty and the Best is out now in UK cinemas.

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