This beauty device shattered its Kickstarter goal and wants to help you achieve flawless skin

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Remember when skin care just meant not sleeping in your makeup? Yeah, that ship has sailed and full on beauty routines have taken over. While a mask here and there will make you feel luxurious AF, we'll admit that they're not exactly convenient.  

Does anyone actually wake up early enough to sit in a wet sheet of paper for 20 minutes? Because I certainly don't. And forever going out in public with dried pieces of clay mask in your hair? Cute.

A Kickstarter project wants to change the face mask game, and it comes in the form a little, hockey puck-sized electric pod. Meet FOREO UFO: One of the closest things you'll get to an at-home facial.

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First debuted at CES, the UFO has raised over one million dollars in Kickstarter backings. People really care about face masks, huh? 

Aside from being totally adorable, what makes the UFO so cool is that it uses a combination of LED light therapy for collagen stimulation, heating technology, and cryotherapy to firm skin and reduce the appearance of pores. The idea is that this spa-like treatment will give your skin the same results you'd get from a face mask — without having to peel anything off.

Image: foreo

Image: foreo

The UFO is app-controlled because, well, it's 2018 and of course it is. Use the app to shift between different routines: Choose "Make It A Day" for a pre-makeup treatment to prep pores and even your skin tone for smooth makeup application, and "Call It A Night" for post-makeup cleansing, anti-aging moisturizers, and restoration after a long day of wearing makeup. 

Each setting takes 90 seconds, which sounds way better than waking up early or trying not to fall asleep with a mask on.

Image: foreo

The app helps make each treatment customizable, allowing you to choose the intensity of pulsations as well as the level of red, blue, and green LED lights, depending on what your skin needs.

The UFO and UFO Mini are both available to order when you back the campaign, with deliveries expected to start in April 2018. 

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