Beauty Lounge Offers Makeup Classes for Dads and Daughters

Rachel Grumman Bender
Beauty and Style Editor
A beauty salon is offering dads and daughters classes so they can learn about skin care and age-appropriate makeup. (Photo courtesy of Natasha Cornstein, CEO of Blushington)

As a welcome sign of the times, more dads — whether they’re single parents or simply fathers who want to be more involved in their daughters’ lives — are looking to brush up on their hair and makeup skills. Along with a plethora of YouTube tutorials, several salons across the U.S. are offering classes to help dads do just that.

Blushington Makeup and Beauty Lounge, which has five locations in the U.S., is one of them. The salon launched a new class in June for fathers and daughters so they can learn about proper skin care and applying age-appropriate makeup.

The classes started after Blushington received several inquiries from dads about what makeup is appropriate for young girls. “That’s what inspired us to start, and we thought how great to have the dad involved,” Blushington regional manager Jessica Hill tells Yahoo Beauty. “Mom already gets it, but what a fun bonding experience for dad and daughter.”

A dad applying eye shadow on his daughter at the Blushington class. (Photo courtesy of Natasha Cornstein, CEO of Blushington)

The 90-minute class, which costs $50 per dad-and-daughter pair and is held on Sundays (or there are more flexible $125 private classes), covers several topics: “First, it’s talking about skin care and how important that is, especially as our girls get a little bit older, and realizing the importance of cleansing, toning, and protecting skin with sun protection, as well as replacing the moisture,” says Hill. “We talk about breakouts and all the skin care things girls really struggle with. It’s very hands-on, so we teach Dad what products to use, how she should use them, and how often.”

The second part focuses on makeup and all of the buzzwords girls hear — from contouring to highlighting. “We teach them the age-appropriate way to do it, as well as how to conceal a blemish. Or if they stayed up too late studying for a test, how to combat under-eye circles in an appropriate way. We do it in a super-natural way.”

A dad cleansing his daughter’s face. (Photo courtesy of Natasha Cornstein, CEO of Blushington)

The final phase of the class focuses on eye makeup and lips, with Blushington’s makeup artist recommending easy, everyday eye makeup that only involves one or two eyeshadows — “something they can quickly sweep on using multiuse products,” says Hill. “And then we pick a fun lip color for them, and the dad does the final touches of lip gloss and setting spray.”

The class is a hit so far with both daughters and dads. “The dads are so engaged and so involved,” says Hill. “We want it to be fun and interactive.”

“This just expanded our relationship to a new level,” one dad told the New York Post after taking the class. “I can’t help [my daughter] with hair or braids on any level, but this — yeah, I can do this for her.”

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