Bedford fire: ‘Explosion’ and huge blaze at block of flats as major incident declared

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Watch: Huge fire tears through block of flats in Bedford after 'major gas explosion'

A major incident has been declared after an “explosion” at a block of flats in Bedford.

Emergency services are tackling the blaze at flats in the Redwood Grove area of the town.

Witness Alex Feltham said he heard “a large boom” at about 9.30am “and the roof of the block of flats had been destroyed”. He said the flames spread quickly.

Adam Fisher said he heard a “huge explosion” before witnessing “an inferno”. The 37-year-old sales worker, whose office is nearby, said: “A huge explosion heard - everyone went to our work car park to see what was happening. Our building is adjacent to the apartment complex - immediately an inferno (was) visible, huge smoke cloud billowing, people screaming and people frantically calling for emergency services.”

Firefighters are tackling the blaze (@Lacazetteeeee)
Firefighters are tackling the blaze (@Lacazetteeeee)

It is not yet known if anyone was hurt, but Bedfordshire Police has asked people to avoid the area.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service tweeted to say it was at the scene of a “major incident” and urged people to keep doors and windows closed.

Videos on social media show onlookers watching in fear as large flames can be seen coming from the roof of the block of flats.

Bedfordshire Police said in a statement: “Emergency services have responded to an explosion at Redwood Grove, Bedford this morning (Monday).

“This resulted in a significant fire at a three storey block of 20 flats, which has engulfed the whole building and caused a large portion of the roof to collapse.”

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