Bee Invasion at UK Police Station Forces Cancellation of Online Q&A

Police in Northampton, England, said they were forced to postpone an online Q&A session on June 16 upon finding that the room they were going to use had been invaded by “thousands” of bees.

Northamptonshire Police posted video of the bees on Facebook, and wrote: “Soooo, we had a Facebook Live Q&A scheduled for today on response policing. However, the room we do them in has been taken over by a swarm of bees.”

In a later update, which included the hashtags #BeesInTheBoardroom and #StingOperation, police said a local beekeeper had arrived and had set plans in motion to safely remove the bees. “In the meantime, we have been making enquiries as to whether we could find small enough uniforms and put them to work,” they added.

Replying to that update, Facebook user Steve Buckley suggested police send in a “swat” team to solve the problem.

A new date for the Q&A would be announced soon, police said. Credit: Northamptonshire Police via Storyful

Video transcript


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