Young girl is stung 300 times by wasps

Evie Clark, 7, survived being stung 300 times by European wasps. Source: Getty Images

A mother has told of the harrowing experience of watching her seven-year-old daughter nearly die after being stung by hundreds of wasps.

Evie Clark was playing near a creek at her home in Braidwood, southern NSW, Australia when she fell on a wasp nest on April 11, The Canberra Times reported.

Wasps swarmed and stung all over her body, about 300 times. A friend ran to get help - but by the time her father Tony reached her, she had blacked out.

He rushed her to the hospital where her mother, Samara Zeitsch, said doctors gave her an adrenaline shot and used a vacuum to remove the wasps from around her.

"They were in her underwear, in her shoes. It was terrifying," Ms Zeitsch told The Canberra Times.

Doctors feared the young girl would suffer a second anaphylactic shock so had her airlifted from Braidwood Hospital to Canberra Hospital via helicopter.

"This was an unprecedented number of stings she sustained, it was a bit unknown how it would unfold from there," Ms Zeitsch said.

A spokesman at Canberra Hospital said Evie remained in care for four days, and received two adrenalin injections to help her body combat the inflammation.

Her daughter’s face and hands swelled significantly into the early hours of the morning, with doctors saying the number of stings was equivalent to a bite from a brown snake.

Evie has since returned home, however was still dealing with sizeable welts and the pain that came from itching them, often leaving her in tears.

"She's always been a really healthy, robust child," her mother said.

The wasps were believed to be of the European variety, with the nest having now been destroyed by the local council.

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