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This cult-favorite natural deodorant banishes B.O. while soothing your skin

Should you use a natural deodorant? It’s a sticky subject, because none of us actually wants to rub debatably bad-for-you ingredients like aluminum and parabens into our armpits. (Plus, the cost to your health is still being studied.) Making the switch to a natural deodorant is a lot easier when you place your trust in an artisan brand like Beekman 1802. The Beekman team is hyper-focused on formulating skin-care products that are super effective and non-toxic — and their freshly scented, all-natural Milk Stick Invisible Deodorant is a top-selling example.

This natural deodorant, formulated with a powdered goat milk base and botanical active ingredients, diminishes odor while soothing the skin.
$18 at Beekman 1802

The secret ingredient of this deodorant is goat milk — and it comes directly from a herd raised at the brand’s headquarters: a 200-year-old farm in upstate New York. Right now, Milk Stick is just $18 on the brand's site.

“Our aluminum-free and baking soda–free deodorant uses a system that goes on invisibly and eliminates odor by starving the odor-causing bacteria that resides in the underarm area,” explains Beekman 1802 co-founder Brent Ridge of Milk Stick deodorant. “The super-conditioning properties of the goat milk soothe and soften the skin and nourish the [skin’s] microbiome. Over time, it helps reduce the number of odor-causing bacteria.”

A photo of the Beekman 1802 Milk Stick Invisible Natural Deodorant
Beekman 1802's Milk Stick natural deodorant glides on smooth and stays invisible. (Photo: Beekman 1802)

Yes, but will it hold up on hot, sweaty chore days? Milk Stick has that covered, adds Ridge. “It’s the only natural deodorant that was put to the test doing farm chores!” he boasts.

In addition to warding off stink, Milk Stick actually nurtures your skin. It glides on easily and is exceedingly gentle. Goat milk happens to have a similar biochemical structure to human skin, so it jibes with your precious epidermis. “Every skin type is different because our microbiomes are as unique as our fingerprints,” says Ridge. “But every skin type, no matter the age, ethnicity, or gender, benefits from nourishing the microbiome.

In fact, you can find goat milk in Beekman 1802’s entire product line, which includes face creams, soaps, body wash and a lot more. When you’re dealing with underarms, though, the gentle, all-natural ingredients in Milk Stick truly make a difference. Ridge notes that goat milk’s anti-inflammatory properties are a bonus when it comes to the underarm area. “Your skin just drinks it in,” Ridge says.

A photo of a woman in a window with a goat.
Beekman 1802 lovingly raises goats at its farm headquarters in upstate New York. (Photo: Beekman 1802)

The reviews speak for themselves. “This is the first natural deodorant that has ever worked,” one thrilled fan attested. “Finally, a natural deodorant that doesn't leave me worried about body odor and that has a pleasant (but not overwhelming) smell,” another added.

Even the doubters are sold. “Nothing lacking aluminum chlorhydrate has ever worked to quell my body odor, so it was with great skepticism that I invested in this product,” one chimed in. "I am ecstatic that this Milk Stick has accomplished what I thought was an impossibility!"

Grab a stick for $18 and you can pay all at once or split the bill into four easy payments of $4.50 each when you pay with Afterpay at checkout. Fair warning, though: you might be tempted to buy up Beekman’s entire goat milk-infused skin-care line. It’s that good.

This deodorant, formulated with a powdered goat milk base and botanical active ingredients, diminishes odor while soothing the skin.
$18 at Beekman 1802

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