‘Beethoven’ Star Is All Grown Up — and Pranking Jodie Sweetin

Nicholle Tom, who you may remember from the Beethoven movie franchise, and her sister, Heather, who was a staple on The Bold and the Beautiful, made guest appearances on Hollywood Darlings. Apparently the two are known for being pranksters, but that didn’t stop the girls from joining them on camping trip and helping them do some location scouting for a film they’re making.

The Toms convinced Bev, Jodie, and Christine to wear body cameras and go for a hike in the woods. But after hiking more than 6 miles, Bev left her two buddies and went back to camp.

Without Bev, around the girls soon became lost. To make matters worse, Christine accidentally used poison oak leaves as toilet paper. Fed up with whole experience, Christine shouted, “I’m covered in mosquito bites; my vagina’s on fire; we don’t know where we are!”

Certain they were going to die, the girls made their final will and testament statements using their body cameras. They were then surprised to find out that they had actually been circling the campsite’s parking lot.

While the whole ordeal was embarrassing — the Tom sisters made it even more embarrassing by creating a film out of the body camera footage taken by the girls.

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