Beetroot Powder Is Your Secret To Beautifully Vibrant Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with heart marshmallow
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Among the multitude of satisfying sweet drinks that warm the belly, hot chocolate might be the most popular. Delicious hot chocolate includes a dry mixture of cocoa powder and sugar, and oftentimes features real pieces of solid chocolate. These signature ingredients are combined with warm milk to make a rich and velvety concoction. Now that the early winter holidays have passed, you may be looking to add more variations of this sweet drink to your monthly menu besides peppermint hot chocolate.

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day, you can make an alluring, boldly-hued, and nutrition-packed red velvet hot chocolate thanks to beetroot powder. Beetroot powder is simply dried and ground beets. If you've ever attempted your own red velvet chocolate cake, you've probably used artificial food dye to achieve that signature red color. Yet, thanks to this red superfood, you can make tasty and visually appealing hot chocolate without the use of artificial ingredients.

Beetroot powder gives hot chocolate that essential dark red color, as well as an extra jolt of nutrition. According to Healthline, consuming beets supports brain and digestive health, regulates blood pressure, and supplies the body with tons of vitamins and nutrients, including folate and manganese. Beets have also been found to boost stamina, increase athletic performance, and fight inflammation. Even though beetroot powder may help you make a nutritious hot chocolate, this naturally vibrant ingredient is still made from a vegetable with an earthy flavor. To make a stunning hot chocolate without an overpowering beet flavor, there are a few essential steps worth following.

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You Only Need A Small Amount Of Beetroot Powder To Make Luscious Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Beetroot powder on wooden spoon
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If you want to make the world's best hot chocolate even more satisfying, you only need a small amount of beetroot powder to get the job done. Each teaspoon of vibrant beetroot powder allots to one whole beet. This highly concentrated veggie powder not only adds a rich color to your hot chocolate, but a plethora of nutritional benefits with just ½ teaspoon or less. Beets also tout a distinctive earthy flavor that's hard to miss. This colorful root vegetable contains a compound called geosmin, which is also the compound responsible for the musky aroma of wet soil. Use the powder sparingly so that its signature earthy flavor doesn't compete with the nuanced taste of your cocoa powder or chocolate.

To ensure this natural red powder complements the chocolate essence of your favorite sweet drink, mix your hot chocolate ingredients well. Use a high-powered blender to mix beetroot powder with cocoa powder, sugar, and milk until smooth. Feel free to add a small dusting of beetroot powder to the top of your hot chocolate with a bit of cinnamon for a more well-rounded flavor and an extra color boost. Beyond beetroot powder, there are a few extra ingredients you can use to assuage the earthy flavor of ground beets to ensure extra tasty red velvet hot chocolate.

Combine These Ingredients With Beetroot Powder To Make Delicious Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Beetroot powder on gold spoon
Beetroot powder on gold spoon - Michelle Patrick/Shutterstock

If you're worried beetroot powder may be unpleasant to your palate, besides using a small amount of this ground veggie powder, choose a thicker, more flavorful milk to make your hot chocolate. Coconut milk has a full-bodied creaminess, while almond or cashew milk offer alternative flavors from ground and strained nuts. If you prefer dairy, try combining whole milk with a bit of heavy cream. The extra creamy consistency is sure to balance the earthy flavor of beetroot powder.

When deciding on a sweetener for this healthier hot chocolate, you may want to consult the ultimate guide to alternative sweeteners. Even though beets are naturally sweeter than most vegetables, sweetening hot chocolate with a natural ingredient like pulverized dates provides additional nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and extra fiber.

If you're having trouble finding beetroot powder, puréed beets work as a sufficient alternative. Choose baby beets for their low concentration of the geosmin compound, and roast the beets before blending for extra added sweetness. Ultimately, this ingredient offers an even, palatable flavor that won't overrun the sweet taste of chocolate when used sparingly. To create a delicious red velvet hot chocolate, give beetroot powder a try. You're sure to be impressed with its lively rich color and nutritional benefits.

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