Behind-the-scenes with Amor Vittone on music video shoot

Cape Town - We go behind-the-scenes of Amor Vittone's As die wêreld stil gaan staan music video. 

The title of the song translates to "If the world stood still." 

The local Afrikaans singer released the teaser and cover art for the comeback track in September. 

Amor takes her fans to the gorgeous Cradle of Humankind situated 50km outside of Johannesburg for the music video shoot.

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In the clip the 45-year-old singer describes her serene surroundings and says: "It feels like we're in another country." 

Amor and the crew woke up at 04:00 to capture the sunrise, before making their way to the lake where they would be filming on a boat.

According to Amor the video will be available on YouTube "very soon".