Behind the scenes of a hilarious photoshoot showing squirrels making the most of the winter weather - as they pose on miniature wooden skis and snowmobiles

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These clever little red squirrels look like they are having a great time frolicking around in the snow and enjoying a winter holiday, as they appear to hover mid-air on their wooden skis and tiny toy vehicles.

And the animals are rewarded for their sporting endeavours with snacks - as photographer Geert Weggen hides nuts on or nearby all of his props to encourage the squirrels to be part of the festive scene.

Geert, 52, from Bispgården, Sweden, says he is still enjoying at least a metre (3 feet) of snow in his garden - making it the perfect setting for the skiing squirrel photos.

He said: "The snow is still deep enough to come up to my hips, and I have red squirrels visiting my garden daily, so I thought I would make something fun for them to do.

"I made the skiis myself out of little bits of wood, and I found the toy snowmobiles second-hand online.

"I set it up so the squirrels have to climb over the props to get to the food, which I hang in small buckets in the air, just out of shot.

"It takes quite a while to get the shot that I want, because I usually have a special posture in mind, and most of the time they do not climb on the props in the way that I am looking for.

"It is often just about a lucky moment."

But Geert is no stranger to framing the perfect squirrel shot in unusual scenes.

Back in October, he created a spooky Halloween scene for the squirrels, which saw a squirrel 'dancing' with a toy skeleton, and another balancing a miniature pumpkin on its head.

And in November, he turned his regular squirrel visitors into scientists researching the Covid vaccine - as he had them peering down a tiny microscope, and clutching a miniature thermometer.

Geert attaches small wooden supports to the bottom of his props, which he then digs into the ground at the other end, to keep them suspended in the air.

He then photoshops these supports out in his final photographs, to make it look like the skis, snowmobiles, and other props are hovering in the air by themselves.