Behind The Story season two has been pretty lit

TV Review

Show: Behind the Story 

Channe: MTV Base (DStv 322)

When: Wednesday, 21:00

Rating: 4 stars

The second season of MTV Base’s Behind the Story is in full swing, and things are going well, with a controversial and spicy host for a controversial show. Pearl Thusi has taken over from Sizwe Dhlomo, and seems to be the perfect fit.

So far, Thusi has sat down with the likes of Zodwa Wabantu, Lerato Kganyago, Majota “Phat Joe” Kambule, Somizi Mhlongo, Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye and her bestie, Ntombezinhle “DJ Zinhle” Jiyane.

The season began with Zodwa, the people’s dancer and all-round bizarre character, in the spotlight. I cringed at first at what would become of the interview, as Zodwa can be trusted to say the most outrageous and incoherent things. They discussed her former career as a debt collector and spoke about her clothes. Zodwa said that she briefed her designers to create sexy dresses and said that many people had called her ugly, so, to compensate, she dressed her body well.

It got wilder when Zodwa told Pearl that she didn’t wear underwear – even during 'that' time of the month.

But Zodwa, much to my surprise, was afforded an opportunity to be vulnerable and honest during the show. She broke down in tears while discussing her relationship with her late mom, who died when she was 11.

“My mom was a beautiful woman, I take after her body shape, she raised me so well. The love and realness she instils, this is in me.”

She also recounted how she was treated by extended family members while she was growing up, and said these experiences were the building blocks that created the hustler and carefree spirit we all know her as today.

While she said she’d be retiring next year and limit her services as Zodwa Wabantu to private bookings, she said she had no regrets about her life or brand, but wouldn’t advise anyone to follow her path.

Episode two saw former Beyonce of Fly Chix girls dancing and singing group, Denise Zimba, who in her own right owns the throne for queen of spice.

The show began with Pearl asking why Denise  had been quoted saying the most bizarre things about her colleagues, including Top Billing Presenter and model Ayanda Thabethe. Denise, in her frank nature, owned up to having implied that Thabethe has more modeling talent than TV, but cleared the air, saying “All I’m just saying is people have different talents and where I highlighted her talents is that she should be the Naomi Campbell of our South Africa”. Denise added that she never got an opportunity to clear the air with Thabethe in person, and that the media and journalists misrepresented her remarks.

Denise discussed the evolution of her brand, her struggles in the industry with producers making unwanted advances at her and the ill treatment after she declined them. She discusses the importance of nurturing her character and says her beauty isn’t the priority, rather her talent and character. The episode was very genuine, honest and light hearted, with frankness from both stars.

Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye was the guest in episode five. As many know, he was released on parole last year after he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for murder after hitting pupils with his car in 2010, killing four of them and leaving two others brain damaged.

The rapper reflected on the car accident and spoke about life behind bars. He also discussed the controversy around his mom, who was once reportedly selling orphans, saying she is doing charity work, but has moved into other avenues. He said that his family would always be surrounded by controversy.

Jub Jub also discussed his relationship with his child’s mother, singer Kelly Khumalo, who he claims refuses to let him see his child.

The interview got heated when Pearl mentioned her friendship with Kelly and her hope that one day Jub Jub and Kelly could sing together. Jub Jub reacted badly, and he called for the interview to end. Pearl managed to calm him down, reminding him of the power of forgiveness. He ends the interview with his personal recommendations of how better prisons can help rehabilitate convicts and said: “We’re not animals, we’re human beings.”

Behind the Story’s second season is proving to be an honest, authentic and frank platform for guests. Pearl and her guests give the viewers a humane experience of what it really means to be a celebrity, and reflect on how, behind the glitz and glam, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.