Bella Thorne Receives DEATH THREATS from 1D Fans Over Instagram Comment to Louis Tomlinson

Bella Thorne is getting death threats from One Direction fans? Why? Well, it’s all because she commented on an Instagram story. Ok, death threats to anyone, for any reason is like, way over the line - but simply because one celeb commented on another celeb’s Instagram photo? Get a grip!

So here’s the Instagram photo in question: Louis Tomlinson posed with these ladies, who is actually an up and coming girl group he’s developing - hey, somebody’s got to replace Fifth Harmony. The 19-year-old actress wrote: “awwwww” in the comment section.

Not too controversial if you ask me - but fans were LIVID - like out of their minds crazy by this social interaction - and they responded with some pretty harsh words for Bella. It’s clear that some 1D fans aren’t keen on the idea of Bella and Louis together, but is that even on the table?

Honestly, there’s NO indication that these two are even remotely interested in each other. Louis IS reportedly single after splitting from his girlfriend Danielle Campbell recently - And Bella IS also free after a very brief fling with singer Charlie Puth. That ended badly after he claimed she was still into her ex Gregg Sulkin. But again, Bella and Louis aren’t hanging out - they’re not even close friends as far as we know.

So what gives?? Why all the fightin words? And most importantly, how did Bella take all these threats? With stride actually. Turns out, she’s not bothered one bit by all this hate! “Hahaha,” she wrote on twitter. “Got your panties all in a bunch. Me being a little pot stir as usual. #littledevil. Let me live my life, yo. Go live yours.”

Well there you have it. Louis by the way hans’t said anything. But really, what happened here? Do you think Bella crossed the line, or was it the crazy One D fans? Let me know in the comment section below!

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